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Unique handcrafted jewelry

I have been designing handcrafted jewelry since 2000. It was not until I began metal work and wire wrapping that I found my passion.

I delight in turning nature into wearable art. Using hard stone and cold metal, I attempt to make a thing of beauty. My style leans towards clean lines, which I feel help to draw out the character of the stone I am wrapping.

I enjoy the intricate details of the different weaves and the variety of designs that can be achieved. Each project is exciting. It is a journey to see where the wire will take me.

I get my inspiration from everything I see: the colors and textures in nature, the structure and patterns in architecture, the flowing lines of script. My pieces are usually a blend of fun and elegant. Some have a hint of a Celtic style, honoring that part of my heritage.

Copper and semi-precious stones are my preferred medium. I am attracted to the warm caramel color of antiqued copper. Other materials I work with include, but are not limited to, sterling silver, shells and glass.

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